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Our love for Mexico started in the 80’s when my grandfather would take us to Mexico. My sister and I were so infatuated with everything about it! The horse riding at Estero Beach, exploring all the markets FULL of things we had never seen – pure amazement! The way of life all around us was so different and fascinating! He bought us little Mexican dresses we loved so much. I had worn so proudly every week to school until another girl called me out on it!

Madonna’s True Blue album came out – my first cassette tape –  I listened to La Isla Bonita over and over – Sissy got Gloria Estefan.  Riding along in grandpa’s car with our Walkman’s on, watching the never ending Pacific Ocean lined with mountains for miles en route to Estero Beach – a moment and the love for Mexico etched in my brain forever.

I have never stopped going and have never stopped fully appreciating the vibe and the feeling I get every time I cross that border…..pure soulful freedom.

Mexico has changed so much and is now on the brink of HUGE growth in tourism. The Food, Wine and Brew Scene has exploded into a Renaissance of amazement.

Please come join us in Tours of Passion and Love for the Bridging of Cultures through Food, Wine and Beer!