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Baja Culinary Tours – Tijuana thru Taste

One day in TJ and the world’s your oyster…okayyyy there might be a couple Donkeys left on the corner of Revolucion and Party St., but don’t be fooled…this is not the TJ we knew and loved before. It’s even better!! Tijuana is a city of migrants and on the FOODIE radar with convergence of many cultures, foods and local, quality ingredients. Take this tour and fall in love with this evolving city through your taste buds.

This tour includes:
All day transportation from San Diego with expert tour guide/driver
Local cuisine tastings at several of Tijuana’s most delicious culinary establishments
A walking/driving tour to learn a little history and visit the markets/street cafes and shopping areas
*Any custom tailoreding for you/your group

Call Baja Holly! 858 869 9770 or holly@winendinebaja.com


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Baja Culinary Tours – Two Day Symphony

I don’t know about you but when I introduce something to my taste buds that is so exquisite, I hear a symphony in my head! Come join us for our Two Day FOODIE Tour! We visit the top rated restaurants/Chefs on this tour. Day one is in Tijuana. Day two is in Ensenada/Guadalupe Valley

This tour includes:
Two days transportation from San Diego. Expert tour guide/driver
Master planned itinerary

Accomodation at a local cozy hotel for one night

Visits to many locations for delicious food tastings

*Any custom tailoring for you/your group

Call Baja Holly! 858 869 9770 or holly@winendinebaja.com