I love living right next to the Mexico border! We get two amazing yet extremely different cultures/ people, food, beer, wine…..WORLDS to explore! Born and raised in San Diego I am still finding and learning so many fantastic things on both sides of the fence. And now with San Diego and Tijuana growing and changing rapidly we are in a Mecca of entertainment, craft beer, Mexican wine and a culinary explosion!


Eight of us set out Sunday afternoon for a day of beer and food in Tijuana Sunday. You will always find more than what you are looking for in this bustling city of 1.7 million – definitely more adventure than one day can hold. Now with Sentri/Global ID we can hop over n back anytime without the sometimes -enduring border wait.

Keep Tijuana tasty!

First stop HAD to be Telefonica since this group had never been and one cannot keep this taste bud orgasma to oneself! AND I had recently been recommended the best breakfast in TJ within this lil food truck oasis. We all ordered something to share family style as to take in as much flavor lovin’ as we could and grabbed some local craft beer to top off our indulgent Sunday beginnings. As you can see (photos) it was a grand symphony….what you will run into this side of the border.

Then to walk off our blissful food coma there is no shortage of aesthetic pleasures up and down Revolucion and the surrounding area. You can find markets full of local treats, spices, crafts, local grown fruits and veggies and of course much more.

We found an artisan chocolate shop full of goodies where I also tried crickets for the first time last year – not bad really! Ugh! …then the center of TJ with the huge arch overhead found out where the party was! Margaritas, shopping, music and Mexico dancers in full – flowing color and vibrance! A few blocks from here we found a local hang out playing some local, slow music. This was Sara’s queue. She dropped her stuff at the table nearby and flew up the stairs for a DJ request. Next thing we know, some of the crew has taken over the dance floor busting out their spicy professional salsa moves…with a very captivated audience!

It is always an adventure! Last but definitely NOT least….an entire mall of breweries all in the same place! Most of Baja’s established breweries have a presence here in this upscale, rustic hang-out. What great way to wrap up the day before heading back.